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I led them both back to my two-door car, and watched Lisa clamber into the back seat, her tits nearly falling out of her top.Driving back to Kim's flat, I adjust my rear-view mirror to look at Lisa. She licked her lips one of the times we met eyes and I almost ran a red light.The plan was they would share her bed and I could remain on the sofa. I took Kim in my car down to the train station to pick Lisa up and holy shit.Off the train stepped the sluttiest, cheapest looking fat girl I have ever seen; long bleached hair, too much make-up, a vest too small for her with her enormous fat tits spilling out of the top and a pair of jeans that hugged her meaty arse and thick thighs.She slipped off her thong and I slid out of my boxers. I steered the head of my cock against her shaven 18 year-old slit and pushed, her tight hole opening and letting my swollen head in with a gentle pop.She laid on her back and spread her thick thighs invitingly. She moaned and pawed at my back, rubbing my calves with hers.Of all the kids, I made one friend, a girl called Kim.

She strutted toward us both, her tits jiggling twice for every step she took, the other departing passengers shooting her disapproving looks. "Fucking hell, this is the mate you've been on about? "She wanted to surprise you." I said with all the confident charm I could manage.

How the hell was I going to survive staying in the same room as her?

As she and Kim caught up, Lisa mentioned a boyfriend a couple of times, and that made me both sigh in relief and tense in jealousy. This fat 18 year old girl and her huge tits, which she constantly adjusted in her top to the point of almost flashing me her nipples.

Most classes were in the evenings at a local college, but a once every other month, I had to travel to a large university and spend a week in a hotel while I attended proper university classes.

At 31, I stuck out a little amongst the 18-19 year olds but I was quite young looking and I looked after myself, so I'd like to think people thought of me as that "good looking older guy" in their class.

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