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Consolidated Research: 2018 Summary Expectations for Sea World Entertainment, Marriott International, Citigroup, Delek US, Jones Energy, and Tractor Supply -- Fundamental Analysis, Key Performance Indications Jones Energy, an independent oil and gas company, which is engaged in the development, production and acquisition of oil and natural gas properties in the Anadarko and Arkoma basins of Texas and Oklahoma.Derivations of these formulas appear in the following entries.

Sequences A000265/M2222, A003401/M0505, A023022, A055034, A055035, A084623, A093819, A113401, and A113402 in "The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences." Smith, D.

The algebraic order of is given analytically by (Ribenboim 1972, p.

289; Beslin and de Angelis 2004) giving the sequence 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3, 2, 5, ... For with an odd prime, an explicit formula can be given for the minimal polynomial, namely where is as defined above.

As already noted, a special type of expansion in terms of radicals with real arguments can be obtained if is a power of two times a product of distinct Fermat primes.

For other values of , the situation becomes more complicated.

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