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Read More A mystery that lasted for nearly five centuries was finally solved with the assistance of modern technology.

The magnificent 16th century miniature boxwood carvings that had been puzzling viewers and...

Content yourself with thinking on it, and returning her to life by procuring her return.” The letter is marked meaning the man refused to accept the letter (and perhaps the pregnancy).

Thus, the fate of the singer and her child remains unknown—like the fates of so many of the letter writers, as the notes never found their destinations, sealed in the trunk for centuries.

He wrote: “If you come here, do not bring your instrument or anything else.” Another letter reveals the agony of a jilted woman, seemingly returning the cut-out paper dove she had once received, with the bitter accusation: “the fidelity which you promised me and which I have given with all my soul”.

The man never received the evidence of her broken heart through the mail.

The Guardian writes that some of the letters reflect the political turmoil of the time, or such perils as highway robbery or religious discrimination.

This work is hoped to shed light on European society more than 300 years ago.

The undelivered letters are now being opened, and the personal details of people from all walks of life are being studied by researchers.

The correspondences reveal personal anguish, financial dealings, lost opportunities, and complicated relationships.

Researchers have also uncovered the background of Simon de Brienne and his wife, Maria Germain, postmasters at The Hague from 1676 until 1707, who were responsible for the delivery of all letters to and from Netherlands, France and Spain.

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