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Michelle Rodriguez doesn't think anyone will be offended by her new movie ...because her own sexuality proves she'd never hurt transgender people or anyone in the LGBT community. Take a look at what Michelle had to go through to play the role of Tomboy.It hit radio and debuted on the It’s a groundbreaking track that should be recognized for completely stepping out of the box and telling the story of lesbian and bisexual women in love, one that is often either ignored, merely hinted at, or used as a tool to sexualize the experience of same-sex couples instead of digging deeper.Aside from the lyrical content, the song itself is superb.In the first verse alone, she uses the female pronoun four times, once in every line, making it impossible to miss, skim over or interpret as anything other than what it was meant to be: a strong, unapologetic acknowledgement of lesbian and bisexual women.By normalizing a same-sex relationship beyond what happens in the bedroom, this track is anything but familiar.Jauregui has never gotten to showcase her cool, raspy vocals quite like this before.It’s not necessarily a bubbly song, but instead laced with cool, dark synths and a beautifully catchy hook. Halsey, who has been out as bisexual for the entirety of her career, and Jauregui, who came out as bisexual in an open letter following Donald Trump's election, unapologetically deliver “Strangers” with undeniable authenticity and give a voice to a group of people that rarely has one in the mainstream.

Halsey wants to make sure there's no mistaking that the song "Strangers," her collaboration with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, is about two women longing for one another.Even so, it wouldn't feel out of place on any Spotify playlist filled with other tracks about love. They’re not trying to turn men on with the imagery of two women being together. They’re simply singing about the end of a relationship the way that any other musician would, not licking their lips at the idea of making out with a friend at a pool party on a dare.This isn’t to discredit other LGBTQ artists who make music that most can assume is directed toward another man or woman." Tyler's discussion of sexuality is nothing new, then, the question (if there is one) is whether he's talking autobiographically here or just being provocative and operating within fictional parameters.Asked by Larry King if he thinks we'll ever have a "gay rap artist" in 2014, Tyler replied: "Maybe one day..why does that shit matter?

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