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When you can see that one side is done, bake it on the other side as well. You can now combine all of your ingredients into one pan.

Often times Russians serve their pancakes with sour cream and or melted butter.

She even knew some Finnish—Finland is only a short ferry ride away from St. She used to work as an interpreter in a German beer factory in St. She read a lot of books (good), but didn’t like food (uh oh). Petersburg, but her mother is from Khabarovsk, a city in the Russian Far East only 30 kilometers away from the Chinese border. “I went to Yabaolu a few times with my ex-girlfriend several years ago,” she said.

It struck me suddenly and quite stupidly that Russia is very large.

This winter, when I was in Beijing, I went on several dates with Ksenia, a girl I met off OKCupid. ” “There’s…a way…to speak Russian…correctly,” she said. But she otherwise had very little nationalistic streak in her. The homophobia is rampant—she later told me that she once punched a skinhead in the face for harassing her. I peered beyond the glass at several women—Russian, I assumed—pole dancing on the floor below. Ksenia doesn’t get worked up about food, but she enjoyed the opportunity to eat familiar flavors. “I might be talking out of my ass, but this is the best soup I’ve ever eaten,” I said to Ksenia.

Joseph told me that Mumu confronted him about it when he showed up there with other women. It is one of the many reasons why I am a loyal customer.

Ksenia had been teaching English in Beijing for three years.

Her English was flawless, save for a slight Russian accent and some unique word choices that I assumed were Russglish. “But they’re mostly from eastern Russia, and they are traders. She didn’t fit into Chinese clothes, so we went shopping there.

I found out she also spoke German and Mandarin and was learning Arabic. Most of them live near Yabaolu.” She explained to me that many eastern Russians come to China to buy cheap clothes and other goods to re-sell for profit in Russia.

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When she messaged me, I clicked on her profile and noted that she had filled out absolutely nothing and had posted zero photos of herself. But at the time my evening activity, if any, consisted of pumping myself full of terrible Chinese beer. Her own mother didn’t speak to her for two years after she came out. It had the air of a moderately fancy restaurant, except it was playing loud dance music. I particularly liked solyanka, a beef-based soup rich with spices and balanced with the aromatic tartness of lemon and the mildness of dill.

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